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Just as disappointing is about falling short of expectations, these surprising games exceeded expectations and, in some cases, were among the best games of the year.After the jump, the ten most surprising games of 2017.The big innovation was using infected “internet of things” devices that consumers and manufacturers routinely fail to secure like home surveillance cameras or web-enabled kitchen appliances.According to the Justice Department, it was all done in the service of Minecraft.

I might have included on this list of top games some really great 2017 releases if they felt more like 2017 releases.The CEO of PUBG Corporation, would like to see Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds made into a movie someday.Not only that, Chang Han Kim told Inven Global that he can imagine a whole cross-media universe of Battlegrounds.In many cases, these games are sequels, or the creations of developers with proven track records, or entries in established genres, or games with promising beginnings.But for various reasons, a central fact about these games is that I had personally hoped they would be better.

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