Dating matchbox cars

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We’re here because of them, and we’re better because of their service. I have wanted to write about Charbens for a long time, but the prospect has always been somewhat daunting.

Charles George Reid was then 13 years old and his brother Benjamin was 10.

Years after his death, I heard the term for the first time. The smoking and drinking that became the throat cancer that killed him was a direct result of his time in Korea. They were tough, often too tough for their own good. As he began the detox process that night, he started talking about Korea. For 25 years after Korea, my dad had punished himself for what happened there. Had it not been for his interest in newspapers, in reading and in cars, I wouldn’t have stumbled down this career path.

Just as Michael Rahal’s service as chief torpedo man on the USS Macdonough was the foundation for what the Rahal family became, so, too, was my dad’s service the foundation for what I became and what he never saw. Days before he died, my dad heard that I’d been hired full-time by the same newspaper he'd helped me deliver on snowy Sunday mornings when I was 12 years old.

It is obvious how they chose the name for their business!

In fact it may have been slightly earlier than 1927, because in the 1955 catalogue they said "We have had the pleasure of supplying the wholesale and export trade for the last thirty years".

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