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♏******#Scorpio is highly protective of their privacy, their secrets and thoughts.******However the #Leo and #scorpio are capable of sensual loving and good, long partnership.******When a #Scorpio woman loves you, she'll either let you know straight up, or she won't let you know at all.******#Scorpio will fight for what they want.******#Scorpio’s hot spot is between their legs..******#Scorpio: You’ve become enthusiastic about a relationship that you’ve been complacent about.

Be careful not to go overboard.******The intense & secretive #Scorpio wants to control their lover, which won't fly w/ free-spirited #Libra.

♏******#Scorpio is devoted and protective of those they love.****** #Scorpio seek deep roots & consistent routines in life.******#Scorpio's have an extraordinary memory and will not forget a thing you say.. with a temper.******#Scorpio will have your back when everyone else has turned their back on you.

Be careful.******It takes a lot of suffering to make a #Scorpio shed a tear.******#Scorpio can count their true friends on one hand. ♏******#Scorpio's have fine asses******A #Scorpio won't ask you for anything unless they absolutely need you and don't have any means of doing it without your help.******As a #Scorpio Signs that accept you for who you are: Cancer, Pisces******Never let a #Scorpio get away.

♏******Magnetic, emotional, and capable of exerting tremendous force, #Scorpio's strength remains hidden in the depths.

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♏******No sign is more difficult to understand than a #Scorpio.******#Scorpio's have trust issues. #Ride Or Die******When you've upset #Scorpio, you'll know it.

@Everything Libra****** Being negative around a #Scorpio will make them lose interest.****** #Scorpio's have trust issues.******#Scorpio-who will walk on high heels just to make you laugh : Harry******As a #Scorpio, in a relationship with you there is no fooling around.

You dominate and demand total involvement.******#Scorpio females have a difficult loyalty test.

They trust nearly no one.******#Scorpio's are irritated by weakness. ****** A #Libra and a #Scorpio will turn a bedroom upside down, if you know what I mean.******A #Scorpio believes love should be passionate, intense, and life altering.******A #Scorpio has the supernatural quality of seeming to know where everything is going to lead before it gets there.******#Scorpio and #Virgo will both respect their strong commitment in love while having strong and intense emotions for each other.******#Scorpio's are fighters, they will never give up and WILL accomplish anything they put their mind to.******#Capricorn #Scorpio are both in fact very similar. They'll either shoot you one of the most piercing glares or totally blow up****** #Scorpio partners will give you their complete attention.

Both determined, loyal, emotionally intense, mysterious, suspicious, it goes on.******A #Scorpio will often remain secretive of their money and power, if nothing else to ensure that no one tries to take advantage of them.****** the two are irresistible to each other. They are very focused on their partners******#Scorpio listens well.******#Scorpio want to feel in total control in the bedroom.

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