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For me, a soapy perfume is creamy and clean a la Allesandra del Acqua or maybe Jlo Glow. "..she was coming closer, he could smell the scent of her body mixed with soap..." I have this phrase in my mind, taken from books, that, to me, really describes the feeling of this perfume. I have found one fragrance with similarities which is Toni Gard but she's discontinued also and more powdery.

To me this smells salty with the other primary notes being perhaps heliotrope, nutmeg, sandalwood, maybe hyacynth but I struggle to pinpoint the notes with this. ❀ Sicily opens sour but quickly softens & becomes creamier. I feel luxury soap, jasmine, a bit of bergamot, white flowers, and - banana! All these years later and this one still kicks ass. The ''SICILY''made in the Italian Perfumery is not on sale anymore;made by Procter&Gamble..... It's soapy, clean, feminine, oozes luxury and I found always gave many compliments.

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But if the smell is like the one i buy , then this perfume its the class itself . Truly there is absolutely nothing like this one that I have smelled yet.

Its a true gem and stockpile it while its still our there!

Sicily, to me, is a bizzarre fragrance that seems both overhyped and overhyped for a reason.

Reminds on summer, sand beach, event it is scent for colder weather.

It's not easy to find it, but for this quality, worht doing some effort. I think this is the most beautiful and nicest high-quality rare perfume.

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