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The current Prime Minister is the former army chief at the time of the coup.General Prayuth Chan Ocha is overseeing a programme of reform and a return to a new democratic era.'The man replies: 'No you are not but what you are wearing it is improper, can't you see all Thai people are here for pay respect and how important today is?'Before eventually moving on, the woman has the last word: 'If you are in the USA you wouldn't have to deal with this, this is how the Thai treat Thai people.'The argument happened before Thailand's new king today picked bits of his father's charred bones and remains to be enshrined as relics after a spectacular cremation last night.It is said that you should not visit Thailand until you have seen the rest of the world since Thailand is the place you will keep returning to.

Choose the area in New York where you are planning to rent, enter the price range, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms desired, and other relevant information.He then led a procession of the ashes through the streets of Bangkok as part of an elaborate five-day funeral that drew hundreds of thousands of black-clad mourners to the city's historic old quarter.King Bhumibol was the world's longest-reigning monarch when he died a year ago aged 88.All other mourners at the funeral of the world's longest-reigning monarch who died last year were clad in black as they watched his cremation on Thursday, the second day of the five-day ceremony costing million. He replies: 'No, I am not a policeman but I am a chief of the security guard and I have every right to ask you to leave.'Another man gets involved and says: 'You should know better than to dress like this, please cooperate with us and do not enter the late king's ceremony!Video shows the woman arguing with security guards. 'The woman then gets angry and says: 'You have no right to stop me, am I breaking the law?

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