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Over 400 cultivars have been named, with several additional flower colors not found in wild plants having been selected, including yellow, peach and salmon.

Leaves are light green and very glossy when young, before maturing to a dull dark green/greenish gray.Beyond the traditional Mediterranean and Subtropical range of Oleander, the plant can also be cultivated in mild Oceanic climates with the appropriate precautions.It is grown without protection in southern England and can reach great sizes in London and to a lesser extent in Paris This is also the case with North American cities in the Pacific Northwest like Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.Among these compounds are oleandrin and oleandrigenin, known as cardiac glycosides, which are known to have a narrow therapeutic index and can be toxic when ingested.Toxicity studies of animals administered oleander extract concluded that rodents and birds were observed to be relatively insensitive to oleander cardiac glycosides.

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