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He was an anarchist and protested against the moderate policies of Surendranath Banerjea.Khudiram was sentenced to death for a failed attempt to kill Magistrate Kingsford. Noted freedom fighter and Bengal Province Congress Committee President Birendranath Sasmal practised at the Midnapore High Court.Coins issued by Samudragupta have been found in the near vicinity of the town.The kingdom of Shashanka and Harshavardhana also included part of undivided Midnapore in their kingdom.However, the most significant archaeological site in the region is the bustling port of Tamralipta near present-day Tamluk, a site noted in the travelogues of Faxian and Xuanzang.Later Chaitanya passed through the area on his way from Puri to Varanasi as documented in the Chaitanya Charitamrita.

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Khudiram Bose and Satyendranath Basu were some of the young men that laid down their lives for the freedom of India.

are being excavated throughout the West Midnapore district.

In ancient times the region seems to be highly influenced by Jainism and Buddhism.

Alivardi defeated Janoji Bhosle, a Maratha chieftain, in a severely contested battle near Burdwan in 1747 and Janoji fled to Midnapore.

The Marathas held on to Odisha including Midnapore until 1749 when it was reconquered by Alivardi.

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