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The details of the pattern indicate that girih tiles, rather than compass and straightedge, were used for decorating the shrine.The patterns on this shrine appear aperiodic; that is, within the area on the wall where they are displayed, they do not form a regularly repeating pattern.The first girih patterns were made by copying a pattern template along a regular grid; the pattern was drawn with compass and straightedge.Today, artisans using traditional techniques use a pair of dividers to leave an incision mark on a paper sheet that has been left in the sun to become brittle.A periodic tiling of the plane is the regular repetition of a "unit cell" (the shape, or a group of shapes that is repeated) without any gaps.

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Girih patterns made this way are like a two-dimensional crystal, tiling the plane with a unit cell.), is a Persianate Islamic decorative art form used in architecture and handicrafts (book covers, tapestry, small metal objects), consisting of geometric lines that form an interlaced strapwork.In Iranian architecture, gereh sazi patterns were seen in banna'i brickwork, stucco, and mosaic faience work. Girih typically consists of a strapwork that form 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-pointed stars separated by polygons and straps, and often they were drawn in an interlacing manner.These are a set of five tiles with lines drawn on them; when used to tile the plane with no gaps, the lines on the tiles form a girih pattern.It is not yet known when girih tiles were first used instead of compass and straightedge construction.

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