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After the Second World War the Welfare State was founded and Poor Laws were a thing of the past.

Yet with all their inadequacies, for over three hundred years the Poor Laws were part and parcel of a developing political, social and moral national framework within which other social reforms such as Factory Law would flourish.

Its origins lie in political responses to social problems arising from the upheaval of the Industrial Revolution and the inadequacies of earlier Elizabethan Poor Laws.

It can be difficult to get the results you want and avoid scams.While they were perhaps more to do with a need to contain unrest than morally motivated, they were significant in transferring responsibility for helping the needy from private hands to the state.They were a political solution for serious social problems caused by rapid expansion of the population between the 14th and 16th Centuries and a burgeoning woollen trade upon which the nation’s wealth had come to depend.The story of the United Kingdom’s industrial development is closely entwined with the story of HM Factory Inspectorate and the development of Factory Law.Often it seems to have been a tale of ‘two steps forward, one step back’.

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