Technorati not updating

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Most notable is an expanded and fresher top 100 blogs list, and a new feature that lets authors post their content directly to the site. The last change, made under the direction of incoming CEO Richard Jalichandra, has stayed more or less constant since then.In 2007 Technorati redesigned the look and functionality of its home page three times. In the meantime, Technorati has focused on expanding it’s business in other areas, particularly in handling advertising for other sites. But that doesn’t mean the flagship site isn’t an important asset.

Ping Technorati manually: You can ping Technorati manually by entering blog’s URL here,this may not be the permanent solution,at least Technorati’s spider will crawl to your blog for updated content . Make your Blog public to make Technorati recieve alerts from your blog.The light green navigation bar at the top has topics like “Technology” and “Sports.” Content shown on that channel includes stuff directly written on Technorati as well as posts from blogs with high authority for the topic.Technorati announced that they were taking the company in another direction and will be removing the blog claim process / authority index on their new website. If you have a blog and haven’t claimed it yet on Technorati, we’re going to show you how.Technorati is changing search to give much more weight towards authority and relevance over recency.For highly queried terms like “i Phone,” this cuts out a lot of noise and helps people find quality/definitive content more quickly.

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