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In the 1980s, the group briefly renamed itself The Rovers.During this period, their "Wasn't That a Party" led to crossover success in the country rock genre.The Irish Rovers have represented Canada at five World Expos.The children grew up in a musical household as their father Bob played button-key accordion for several bands throughout the years.The traditional Irish song about a sailing ship had been a favourite from their kitchen parties in Ballymena.

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The album was successful enough to warrant another album, which included their first hit, which was from a song originally written and recorded in 1962 by Shel Silverstein, The Unicorn.

In 1963, George met fellow Northern Irish native Jimmy Ferguson at an Irish function in Toronto.

They sang together until dawn, and founded the Irish Rovers.

The Irish folk group created in 1963 and named after the traditional song "The Irish Rover" is best known for their international television series, contributing to the popularisation of Irish Music in North America, and for the songs "The Unicorn", "Drunken Sailor", "Wasn't That a Party", "The Orange and the Green", "Whiskey on a Sunday", "Lily the Pink" and "The Black Velvet Band".

The primary voices heard in the group's early songs were Will Millar (tenor), Jimmy Ferguson (baritone), George Millar and Joe Millar, and in the last twenty years, also John Reynolds and Ian Millar.

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