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We also took the opportunity to work on the areas that were the source of the most frequent errors in ADAL, such as the difficulty of using the cache in multi-tenant applications, so that the same problems do not arise in MSAL.I will write more in depth about MSAL in the coming months.For now, here there’s a list of the most salient features.versions of ADAL you’ve been using to play with the new model.Note This set of documentation deals primarily with the IAM service.To learn about getting started with AWS and using multiple services to solve a problem such as building and launching your first project, see the Getting Started Resource Center.However, we felt that going further in that direction was not going to truly surface the advantages of the new model, while breaking compatibility with existing ADAL-dependent code anyway.

From enterprises to startups to hobbyists, whether the software you’re writing is for sale or for use by your team.This topic shows you how to give access to your AWS resources by creating AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users under your AWS account.First, you'll learn about IAM concepts you should understand before you create groups and users, and then you'll walk through how to perform the necessary tasks using the AWS Management Console.NET core, but that part of the library should not be considered part of the imminent GA release. NET Core itself will reach GA, we will work on updating ADAL accordingly: but until now, you should treat any .NET core related features as preview quality, not eligible for production use.

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